Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sammy's Credentials

Feel free to add these accounts and interact with them! I need all the data and help I can get :)

Facebook: Sammy Sung
Twitter: @sammysung131
Instagram: sammysung131
Phone: 802-448-0816

It's Here!

Today I received the Samsung Galaxy Camera thanks to Jon Rajewski! Needless to say, I am so excited to play with this product all weekend and come up with a fake profile to do some testing with. After talking to my roommates about my project, we've come up with the name Sammy Sung. I think it's pretty original and it definitely fits this project.

For the past half hour I've been taking pictures, editing them with the awesome built in features, and in a few minutes I'll set up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email accounts for the user "Sammy Sung". To generate as much data as possible, I'm going to ask all of my friends to add these accounts and interact with them. We'll share photos, talk in chats, write on each other's walls, send emails, and much more. I do not have a SIM card for this camera, so I don't have 3G/4G access. I do have WiFi up and running, so this will work just as well. 

Below are the applications that came with the camera:

There is also a feature called Kies via WiFi. I had never heard of this before, but from researching the topic it seems like a typical backup option. You can backup the data from the camera to your PC via WiFi. This is definitely a feature I'll be looking more into once analysis begins.

As soon as I create the profiles for Sammy Sung, I will post the account information so anyone can interact with the accounts if they would like.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Project Outline

The main reason I want to do forensics on the Samsung Galaxy Camera is because it is so new and because it has a couple of different features that aren't typically seen on popular devices. This camera has the capability of posting pictures and videos to a social media site in real time, it has 3G/4G connections as well as WiFi. It also has a SIM card and could potentially be tracked through its GPS. Since this camera is running Android 4.1, all Android applications are available on the camera. This means users will have access to their email, social networks, video/online chats, web browsers and much more on their camera. Acting just like any other mobile device on the market, the Samsung Galaxy camera is opening the door to new possibilities within digital forensics.

I have not yet received the Samsung Galaxy camera, but my professors are working on providing me with one so I can continue with my research. From what I have read so far about the camera and its features, there are a few factors I'd like to explore. Below is a general outline of my capstone project:
  • Research all Camera Features:
    • Face recognition
    • GPS
    • Bluetooth
    • Voice commands
    • Android Applications
    • WiFi and 3G/4G
      • Applications used over these networks (social media, email, web browser, etc.)
    • Cloud Backup
    • SIM card
    • VoIP calls
    • Contacts (if there is an option for this)
  • Set up a test account and act as a typical user
  • Use all the functions of the camera to generate as much data as possible
  • Delete some pictures, videos, emails, internet history, map history, etc.
  • Once enough data is collected, begin analysis
  • Android forensics is widely researched so it won't be too hard to figure out
  • Attempt to gather GPS location
  • Look for deleted data, analyze applications, export log files, attempt to do forensics on the cloud storage the camera uses 
  • Connect over WiFi and attempt to intercept any pictures and videos being sent in real time to social media or email contacts
  • Test if the SIM card can be put into a mobile phone and used to make calls 
Once I get the camera, this outline will definitely be updated. There is a lot of analysis that can be done on this camera. The fact that it can come equipped with a data plan makes the forensic options even greater. I think in the future, more of these cameras will be available and therefore, the need for research on such a high tech camera will increase. This is not your typical camera; the capabilities of this product is essentially the same as any mobile phone. The amount of data available on this device will most certainly add to the amount of evidence law enforcement may need during future investigations. Being aware of this product and understanding all of its functions will benefit anyone looking to gain as much user information from this camera as possible. 

As soon as I get the Samsung Galaxy camera, I will update this with the preliminary steps I am taking in my research. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions or suggestions for this project!

Hello World

The purpose of this blog is to keep track of my research for my senior capstone project and hopefully provide some answers for anyone who is interested in this field. The project I have chosen is Samsung Galaxy Camera forensics. This product was released in November, so it is very new and from what I’ve seen so far no forensics has been done on it yet. I will be updating my progress as much as possible and will provide a more detailed explanation on what I plan to do very soon.